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No More Coffee Mugs Dental Gifts for Fathers Day | Dentist Arana HIllsDental Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Sure, a coffee mug is a traditional gift, but isn’t it a bit predictable? And, coffee can stain your teeth!

At DentArana Dental we know that your dad will love any gift you get him for Father’s Day, but that doesn’t take away the stress of trying to get an unexpected, unique, and appropriate gift.

We all know that the clichéd Father’s Day coffee cup or tie is a bad idea, but what are the alternatives?

Well, why not surprise your Dad with a gift that helps him enjoy excellent dental health and a stunning smile? Here are some suggestions.

DIY mouthwash holder

Get rid of that clunky, ugly mouthwash bottle and add a personalised touch to your dad’s bathroom. Search online for unique do-it-yourself mouthwash dispensers. Dispensers can be made from anything – mason jars, syrup bottles, or fill his favourite drink bottle with his mouthwash of choice.

If your dad travels a lot, give him a mouthwash flask for the road. You can include that bottle of mouthwash for the road in our next suggestion, a dental travel kit.

Travel Dental Kit

Travelling or camping can lead to unexpected dental issues. Ease that burden for your dad with a homemade travel dental kit. Take a reusable, water-resistant bag, add travel-sized toothpaste and mouthwash, a travel toothbrush, floss and floss picks, sugarfree gum and a small mirror. That’s all you need for a basic kit. Other possible contents depend on what your Dad needs.

  • Disposable Gloves. Just be sure to grab nitrile rather than latex gloves to avoid allergic reactions.
  • Oral Analgesic Gel.
  • Stock up on cotton in all its forms: balls, pads, swabs, and other absorbent options.
  • Temporary Fillings
  • Hydrogen Peroxide. This can sanitise pretty much anything. Be sure to dilute it with water, so you don’t irritate wounds any further.

Noise Canceling Headphones: What do cool new headphones have to do with your Dad’s oral health? Well, noise-cancelling headphones are a great accessory to bring to dental appointments.

No one wants to hear the sound of the drill or other noises that can be heard in dental offices. And for Dads with dental anxiety? They can relax while listening to their favourite music and relaxing in the comfortable dental chairs at DentArana Dental!

Water flosser

This helpful bit of technology gadget is great for Dads who want healthy gums, but don’t like to floss. A Waterpik or (water flosser) takes away the string and mess of floss, using water pressure to dislodge unwanted plaque and food. Also, the “fresh and clean” feel your Dad will get after ‘water-flossing’ is a bonus!


Does your dad play sports? How about a custom mouthguard for Father’s Day? A Dad who’s active in any athletics can take advantage of a custom guard. Regardless of season, this is one of the most affordable gifts you can give to an active Dad so he can keep that smile of his in great shape for years to come.

A properly fitted mouthguard is especially vital for Dads who have fixed bridgework because it protects fixed orthodontic appliances, and provides a barrier between the appliances and his cheek or lips. This reduces the risk of soft tissue injuries.

At DentArana we create custom-made mouthguards for your Dad’s individual dental needs.

More about mouthguards at DentArana Dental

Toothbrush sanitizer

Protect your Dad from the nasty bacteria that could be lurking on the tip of his toothbrush.  Sanitisers come with changeable liners to fit most toothbrushes – electric and manual, and can be USB-rechargeable or plug into the wall.

Whiten Dad’s smile!

You might smell cigar smoke or freshly brewed coffee and think fondly of your dad. But these habits can contribute to stained teeth.

Many things can make your Dad’s teeth look dark or dingy over time.

  • Genetics
  • Age
  • Tobacco Use
  • Medications
  • Health Conditions
  • Poor Oral Hygiene
  • Coffee, Red Wine, & Other Dark Drinks
  • Colourful Foods Like Red Pasta Sauce & Blueberries

We know that your Dad doesn’t want to spend too much time in the dental office. This is why our take-home whitening system is ideal. Your dad can administer treatment at his own pace on his own time.

Whiter teeth will improve Dad’s appearance and confidence!

At DentArana, we employ a gentle, supervised take-home dental whitening kit. This is ideal for patients who want to perform the treatment in the comfort of their own home. Your DentArana dentist will provide precise instructions on how to use our custom trays correctly.

More about tooth whitening at DentArana

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