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Dentist Stafford

If something bothers you about your teeth or gums, it’s important to undergo a dental check-up so you’ll know what causes it. Also, a prompt treatment can prevent the problem from getting worse and spare you from an expensive treatment. 

Dentist Stafford 

Here at DentArana, we can solve the problem as well as provide you with immediate relief and long-term care. Aside from getting rid of the pain or discomfort, we’ll also help you gain peace of mind through our modern treatment. 

During the check-up, our dentists do the following: 

  • Full examination of teeth and gums 
  • Noting for any issues such as cavities and bleeding 
  • Listening to patients about their pain, discomfort and dental worries 
  • Professional teeth cleaning with fluoride treatment to strengthen tooth enamel 

We apply a full and comprehensive approach in finding out the problem and coming up with an optimal treatment and solution. 

For more than 13 years, patients have come to us about their problems and concerns on their teeth and gums such as:

  • Toothache 
  • Tooth abscess 
  • Bleeding gums 
  • Persistent bad breath 
  • Tooth decay and stains 
  • Pain or discomfort when chewing or biting 
  • Discomfort with their old fillings, crowns or dentures 
  • Knocked out or chipped tooth because of an accident 
  • Discomfort when consuming cold and hot drinks and food 
  • Pain in their teeth or gums that comes and goes and other related worries 

In each case, we’ve successfully completed the necessary procedure and helped patients gain peace of mind. With this, they have been able to focus on other important matters instead of worrying about their teeth and gums. 

Dental services Stafford 

Our dedicated team has expertise in the following: 

  • General dentistry 
  • Restorative and cosmetic dentistry 
  • Root canal treatment 
  • Crowns, bridges, veneers 
  • Dentures 
  • Dental implants 
  • Preventive dentistry 
  • Children’s dentistry 

Our team also carries out complementary modern and advanced procedures such as: 

  • Oral surgery 
  • Sleep and apnoea treatment 
  • Treatment of temporomandibular disorder 
  • Platelet-rich plasma facial (stimulates elastin and collagen production) 
  • Anti-wrinkle injections (diminishes fine lines and prevents onset of wrinkles) 
  • CGF and micro-needling (reverses wrinkles and scars for a younger-looking skin) 
  • Laser therapy (helps relieve dental pain and discomfort and accelerates healing) 
  • Threadlift (less invasive way to reduce sagging skin around the neck, cheeks and jawline) 

We always use the latest methods and equipment in performing each procedure and treatment. This further supports our expertise in ensuring an excellent outcome for each patient. 

Contact us today here at DentArana if you want an excellent outcome, smooth process and peace of mind about your oral health. You can book an appointment and easily get to us via Metroroad 5 and/or State Route 40. 

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Bupa | Bupa Private Health Insurance
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QIP accredited

We are thrilled to share the fantastic news that we have achieved full accreditation from QIP (Quality Innovation Performance). This accomplishment affirms our commitment to delivering top-tier dental care and making a lasting positive impact on the oral health of families within our local community. QIP accreditation is a voluntary acknowledgment that underscores our dental practice's dedication to providing exceptional dental services while continuously elevating our patient care standards. The accreditation process revolves around seamlessly integrating the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS) into our daily operations, with an unyielding emphasis on patient safety. Working hand in hand with QIP, the Australian Dental Association developed this accreditation framework for dental practices, focusing on the six National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards relevant to the field of dentistry.

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