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Rethink Your Sugary Drink: 5 Drinks To Avoid

Rethink Your Sugary Drink 5 Drinks to avoid arana hills dentist

Beverages with high sugar and acid content affect more than just your oral health. These drinks can lead to other health risks including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Here are five drinks containing high sugar levels.

1) Soft Drinks. One 355 ml can of Coca- Cola contains 39 grams of sugar (10 teaspoons). If you think a clear soft drink might be better, remember that a 355 ml can of Mountain Dew contains even more sugar – 47 grams, or over 11 teaspoons!

2) Energy Drinks. The energy these drinks bring comes a cost in sugar. A 245 ml can of Red Bull Energy Drink has 27 grams of sugar (7 teaspoons), while the larger 473 ml can of Rockstar Energy Drink has a shocking 62 grams (15 teaspoons of sugar).

3) Fountain Drinks. Fountain drinks carry a load of sugar. A 7-11 Coca-Cola Big Gulp contains 91 grams (32 teaspoons of sugar) while upsizing that to a Super Big Gulp increases sugar level to 146 grams (36 teaspoons!) per cup.

4) Fruit Juice. A 591 ml of Golden Circle Tropical Fruit Juice has 70 grams (17 teaspoons) of sugar. Snapple Lemon Iced Tea (473 ml) contains 46 grams (over 14 teaspoons) of sugar. Surprisingly, Orange Juice has 48 sugar grams (12 teaspoons) per 591 ml.

5) Milk Drinks. Even calcium rich milk carries sugars. Nesquik Chocolate Milk (473 ml) contains 58 grams of sugar (16 teaspoons), while milk substitute Vitasoy has 18 grams (4.5 teaspoons) in a relatively small 240 ml container.

Sugar is everywhere, so pay attention to what you’re drinking. Choose healthy alternatives to sugary drinks.

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