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Diseases of the Jaw

DentArana | Diseases of the Jaw | Dentist Arana Hills A healthy mouth doesn’t only involve strong teeth and gums. Our jaws need to be in good shape, too. Our jaws are susceptible to many dental and medical problems, ranging from TMJ disorder to jawbone infection.

At DentArana, we encourage you to pay attention to the health of your jaw, just as you pay attention to the wellbeing and beauty of your teeth and gums. To achieve optimal oral health, it’s important to keep every part of your mouth free from issues and diseases.

Jaw-related Problems and Diseases

Jaw trauma – the jaw can be broken or dislocated due to sports injuries, vehicular accidents, or accidental falls. Bleeding, pain, facial swelling, and jaw stiffness are just some of the common indications of a broken jaw. If the jaw is dislocated, your dentist can manually manipulate it back into its correct position. However, for severe cases, surgical repair may be required.

Jaw deformities – this is a common jaw condition that can range from mild to severe abnormalities. This can cause problems with speaking, chewing, swallowing, and breathing.

Jaw deformities may result from trauma, genetic factors, and birth defects (such as cleft palate). Jaw surgery, involving orthodontic treatment or distraction osteogenesis (surgically dividing the bone), is recommended to correct the problem.

Jaw infection – this is often caused by an untreated dental cavity. The formation of bacteria can result in infection. If not treated immediately, this infection can travel into the jawbone and cause serious problems.

Symptoms of infected jawbone include pain in the mouth or jaw, redness, swelling, and draining of the pus from the area. Treatments for jawbone infection include root canal therapy, antibiotics and tooth extraction.

TMJ Disordertemporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is a very common jaw condition experienced by many people around the world. Causes of TMJ include injury to the teeth or jaw, teeth grinding (bruxism), stress, and arthritis. Clicking and popping of the jaw as well as earache and locking of the jaw joint are the most common warning signs of damaged jaw joints.

Your dentist may recommend a suitable treatment for your TMJD depending on the cause and level of pain. This can include jaw exercises, home remedies, pain medications, and use of day and night splints to rehabilitate the jaw.

There are also adjunctive treatment options to decrease pain and chronic inflammation and maximize mobility such as prolotherapy, trigger point injections and the use of the MLS laser.

Osteonecrosis – also referred to as osteoradiodonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ), is caused by reduced blood flow to the jawbone or damaged jawbone due to radiation during cancer treatment. When the bone loses its blood supply, it causes the bone to weaken and die. In addition, patients who take medications or undergo treatments for osteoporosis or cancer are at a very high risk of developing osteonecrosis.

Symptoms of ONJ include infected gums, loose teeth, numbness, heaving feeling in the jaw, or visible bone in the mouth. If you have any of these warning signs, it’s important to see your dentist immediately. Your dentist and physician should work together in order to ensure the safest and most accurate treatment plan that meet your specific needs.

DentArana Keeps Your Jaws Strong and Healthy!

There are many ways to reduce your risk of jaw problems and diseases, and at the same time, maintain healthy jaws, especially when going through your golden years. Keep your jaws healthy by:

  • Taking calcium supplements
  • Performing jaw exercises at home
  • Keeping your jaws from becoming strained
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Visiting your dentist regularly

If you are currently experiencing jaw problems, your DentArana dentists are here to help. We diagnose and treat patients suffering from TMJ Dysfunction with treatment varying depending on the severity of each individual case. Our team is comprised of highly skilled dental surgeons, who can provide the treatment you need for your jaws and overall dental wellbeing.

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